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By Imam Abbas   1 month ago   177
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By Nwafor Sunday

In response to reported statement by President

Muhammadu Buhari, that former dictator, Sani Abacha,

‘stole close to $1billion’, the Socio-Economic Rights and

Accountability Project (SERAP), Saturday faulted Buhari’s

submission, saying that Abacha stole far more than


The group cited Transparency International report, which

submitted that ‘Abacha may have stolen between $3bn and

$5bn in public money’.

Recall that Buhari had in his article titled “Post-Coronavirus,

Africa’s Manufacturing Moment”, published on, said, “Nigeria can now move forward with

road, rail and power station construction in part, under own

resources-thanks to close to a billion dollars of funds stolen

from the people of Nigeria under a previous, undemocratic

junta in the 1990s that have now been returned to our

country from the U.S., U.K. and Switzerland.

“That these friendly nations agreed to return these funds

after so long is testament to the fact that, thanks to our

governance reforms, Nigeria is rightly seen as an

increasingly stable and beneficial place to transact and


Responding to the above, SERAP, said Abacha’s money was

far more than that and asked Buhari to:

1. Clarify this statement

2. Immediately enforce the judgment by Justice M.

Idris ordering his government to publish spending

details on recovered assets by governments since


3. Instruct the Attorney-General and Minister of

Justice, Mr. Abubakar Malami to properly respond to

our FoI request on Abacha loot.

Recall also that the federal government had on May 28,

2020, opened technical bids for the monitoring and

implementation of the $311m Abacha loot recently

repatriated to Nigeria from United States and the Bailiwick

of Jersey.

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Spend $311m Abacha Loot, One Disqualified

Reacting, Abubakar Malami, attorney-general of the

federation, said the fund is specially dedicated to the

construction of the Lagos-Ibadan expressway, Abuja-Kano

road, and the Second Niger Bridge.

SERAP had also, yesterday, called on President Buhari and

Vice-President Osinbajo to use the 5th anniversary of their

government to immediately publish details of their asset

declarations with the Code of Conduct Bureau, and to

instruct ministers and advisers to do the same.

“Without open asset declarations, it will remain difficult to

hold politicians to account, and politicians will continue to

hide high value assets, potential conflicts of interests,

including business deals with companies that have

government contracts, illegal transfers of funds.

“The United Nations Convention against Corruption, which

Nigeria has ratified promotes open asset declarations as a

way for citizens to ensure leaders do not abuse their power

for personal gain, thus promoti ng integrity in politics”, the

group said in a statement.


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Imam Abbas
1 month ago

Continue my phone was the way you have been doing 

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The way you have been doingthdoi since you

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Sule Abdulrahman
1 month ago

Continue my phone was in a nuclear accord ex and I 

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Musa Awal
1 month ago

God DVD thx and my mom said that I love 

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Serap on points

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Fidelis Osakwe
1 month ago
ok God is working ooooooon
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Clifford Dennis
1 month ago

Don't mind him jor let him be saying his own

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fault as such

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Emmanuel Efe
1 month ago

Hmm. Fist Nigeria citizen. GCFR. Ok oooo

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Aniglo Eric Foro
1 month ago

Tuu to get the kids

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Obiabo Francis
1 month ago

Our leaders are really killing us

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okk ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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Adegbite Ademola
1 month ago

I used to have interest in him but not any more

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I begin, I no wan hear that

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Jabir Idris
1 month ago


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Mr President

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Is good am coming to complete this 

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Ocheje Ayuba
1 month ago

Dhop you doing tonight

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Abraham Martin
1 month ago

They should go and settle for them selves

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